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But when it comes to becoming a mother, there is no back; there is only through. After birthing her child, every woman must pass through this initial adjustment phase. It is a strange and beautiful limbo zone that is both exhausting and exciting, mysterious and monotonous. When she arrives at the other side of the postpartum phase...she will most certainly be facing forward, prepared to take next steps into motherhood.

— Heng Ou from The First Forty Days The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother

Have you given much thought to the 4th trimester?

Your due date is coming. You have the nursery ready with everything you think you will need.

You've read your pregnancy and labor books.

You've even started to read some childhood development books.

As for when you bring the baby home and going forward,

you're secretly thinking you will just "wing it".

Everybody does it. It can't be too challenging, right?

Maybe you've taken a breastfeeding and a newborn care class, so the baby will be fed and cared for,
but what about you?
Who will be taking care of you?

The role of the postpartum doula is to ease the transition to parenthood, help with healing from labor, support feeding and help with care of the baby and educate, among so many other things. The postpartum doula provides enough support so that parents realize after a certain point 
that they "got this".

I am a prenatal and postpartum yoga teacher, postpartum doula and certified breastfeeding counselor.

I would love to support you during perhaps the most transformative transition in your life. 

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